Policy MGG Service AG

MGG Service AG, CH-8952 Schlieren

With sustainable maintenance, we ensure the preservation of the value of our customers’ thermal plants.

For our customers, we are a reliable partner that responds to their needs and supports their concerns.

We think and act customer-oriented.

With their dedicated commitment, our employees build the foundation of your entrepreneurial success. We meet you with respect and trust. The interaction of the employees among themselves is characterized by respect. By transferring responsibility to the employees, we develop them to executives who think for themselves and get involved.

We collaborate proactively with our strategic suppliers on a long term basis while focusing on the mutual sustainable existence.

To us, this means fulfilling the imposed requirements in all our activities. By maintaining a certified quality management system, we obtain and improve the necessary skills.

In our operations, the occupational safety and health of our employees and third parties as well as in our construction sites are just as important as quality, productivity and profitability. We are constantly promoting this awareness through periodic information and continuing education. Our occupational safety system is certified according to SCC**.

While performing our work, we take environmental protection concerns into account and observe current environmental legislation.

By maintaining a certified environmental management system, we ensure the continuous improvement of environmental performance.

The profitability of our services ensures the company‘s economically sustainable existence. For this reason, it is at the forefront of our work as important target and control variable and is the basis of our business decisions.